Why running away doesnt work.

There are so many ways that we try to run away.
It is all the ways we avoid, hide and pretend that something uncomfortable in our lives doesn’t exist..

The reason it doesn’t work is because as soon as you slow down enough to catch your breath you have caught up with yourself. You can temporarily kid yourself into believing that what you don’t want to see, hear or believe anymore was left behind and then you hear your breath.

In and out, in and out and oh there it is …. you!

We are masters at pretending that what we are actually doing is something else; because if we were actually able to see that we are ‘running away’ we probably wouldn’t do it. We would set about fixing the real problem.

We can literally run away by moving location and we can use drugs, sex, new relationships and alcohol to run away emotionally and spiritually.
It doesn’t work because when we slow down, wake up, sober up etc we are confronted with ourselves. Our beliefs, attitudes and story don’t change when we run.

So what do we do when we feel the urge to ‘run’?

Firstly be kind to yourself – pause and settle into your body. You may notice something changes straight away.
Secondly, give yourself space, lots of it. Space from people, noise, social media etc We think we need to know the answer to everything and sometimes the answer isn’t available immediately. The exciting thing is that if you can give yourself space a whole new answer that you could never of thought of could arise.
Thirdly, Listen and watch your thoughts and tendencies as though you are a third party.
Fourthly, be curious. When you notice a repetitive thought or belief float by give it space and don’t attach to it. Being curious fills us with a sense of wonder about our human condition; and wonderful is what you are.

In time the desire to run will morph.

Instead of the urgency, emotional shut down and consequential negative physiological shifts we can experience with the need to run away, you will welcome the lesson and seize the opportunity to grow.