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Find Body Awareness Through Yoga Therapy

Through my Yoga Therapy Video Podcast classes you will learn simple therapeutic movements and techniques to help relieve you of pain & tension in common problem areas of the body. Easily incorporate these practices into your daily life, right from the comfort of your home. Each class is an HD video lasting approximately 50 minutes that can be streamed right from your browser.


Chapter 1 – Moving Mindfully

This 50 minute class includes a sequence of movements that have been specifically chosen to move through key areas of your body. You will not only gain an awareness of what is meant to move, and what is not, but you will begin to see tendencies in your breath, movement and attitude that contribute to recurring pain, strain, tension and stress.  The more you practice the movements with the principles introduced, the faster you will unwind the patterns of tension and begin to feel true strength.

$11.95 CAD

Chapter 2 – The Hips, Legs & Feet

This 50 minute class has been designed to help you unwind tension, increase your range of motion and build strength and stamina in your hips, legs and feet.  The more you practice this sequence the more you will feel your upper body feeling lighter and releasing tension and your lower body developing more relaxed resilience.

$11.95 CAD

Complete Yoga Therapy Video Podcast

Get access to the complete existing series, plus future chapter releases, for only $17.95!

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