“I worked with Amie Taylor both as a colleague as well as a client. As a colleague, I always felt very confident referring my physiotherapy clients to her, knowing that complex cases would get the sensitivity and care they needed. Her understanding of pain science was far beyond that of the average movement therapist. As a client, I finished every session feeling lighter in my body with new freedom of movement, a delicious sensation!”

– Susan Shalanski Registered PT & Clinic Owner

“Amie Taylor is a skilled and passionate Yoga therapist. I have had the opportunity to work with Amie Taylor in many settings; as a client in a 1:1 setting, in a class setting and as a consulting therapist Her knowledge of anatomy and movement sequencing is excellent but her ability to apply this to her assessments and treatments is what sets her apart.

As a physiotherapist I felt very confident in recommending her to any of my clients. My clients felt they received good value; effective treatments with good follow – up. They appreciated her skills and compassion. As a therapist I appreciated her professionalism and consistent

I would highly recommend her as a yoga therapist for clients who are recovering from injury or living with chronic pain. She is very adept at having clients overcome their fear of movement and reconnect with their bodies.”

– Heidi Drygas
Registered ortho-neuro physiotherapist,
Squamish, BC, Canada.

“I began seeing Amie before my back issues really kicked in, and at first was unsure.
After suffering from a prolapsed disc, and continuing treatments with Amie, I began to see results. I felt like she hit a reset button, and was teaching me how to move all over again.

Amie exceeded my expectations, and I can’t thank her enough. Thank you for easing my initial anxieties, and assisting me through my road to recovery.”

– Mike Charuk
Lead Coach, Cycling BC

Making a smooth transition into ski season”

By Amie Taylor

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“As a doctor and a yoga teacher, I know a fair bit about bodies.  Yet, with the help of colleagues, body workers, osteopaths, chiropractors, I was unable to figure out what was causing the recurring sacro-iliac and hip pain during my yoga practice.  When I first met Amie, she taught me patience and a peaceful approach to my body.  I fought her all the way because I like to push myself and play hard.  Little did I realize, it would only take Amie a few sessions to observe my body, listen to me, and monitor my habitual movements to discover the problem.  Instead endless therapy with no clues as to preventing the recurrence (which I’d done for 5 years!), Amie helped me undo a yoga adjustment a teacher had given me 5 years ago, which was throwing my body off balance.  In one sentence, she literally changed the way I did every single pose!  Since then, I’ve had my yoga practice back the way I remember it:  easy, energizing, pain-free.  I can’t emphasize enough how great it was to let someone guide me back into a practice that was right for my body.  My body is so reliefed.  And with no more body work needed, so is my wallet!  Thanks Amie!”

– Dr. Teresa Wood, MD CCFP

“Amie is a champion of helping people get out of pain and move better. She has the patience, perception and instinctual ability to help clients feel and understand how their small, dysfunctional movement patterns repeated over time have lead to their current state of pain. Her authenticity and presence with her clients leads to remarkable transformations in clients who have otherwise been let down by traditional western medicine practices. She has the very unique gift to be able to see right to the root of a long standing problem – whether biomechanical, motor control, myofascial, mental or energetic, or a combination of all. We often assume that we need to use force to put things back in alignment, but Amie doesn’t need force, she uses power! “

– Sarah Stroh

“There’s nothing flakey about it at all and Amie is worth every penny”.

– Mark Hickey
Pharmacist – Gold Coast QLD

“When I arrived for my first one on one class with Amie my ‘stressed’ points (shoulder and neck) were really ‘yelling’ at me to rest – I walked away from the class feeling so rested, the pain had diminished and continued to reduce throughout the day (just as good or if not better than any appointment with my physiotherapist or acupuncturist!). Amie’s generous and loving energy was in itself so healing and the way we worked together on very specific movements was refreshing and challenging as I really had to listen and feel into how my body was responding. For the first time in a long time it was all about my muscles and my body communicating to me and I was listening!”

Thank you Amie.

– Nicole Hickey
Naturopath – Gold Coast QLD

“Amie Taylor cuts to the chase. She sees alot in each body. In a few minutes Amie can see where I hold my tension, what is moving well in my body and what isn’t. She gives me specific and
purposeful exercises and movements that get results quickly. Her instructions are clear and to the point.

At first this directness was a bit intimidating to me – she seemed a little aloof. Then her sincerity, warmth and kind intention worked their magic. Now it feels refreshing and easy to be around Amie. She’s “real”.

– Julie Seibt
Yoga Therapist, Yoga instructor Canmore Alberta

“Amie has been a wonderful mentor for me in my journey to become a yoga therapist as well as helping me with my own aches and pains in private sessions. She has an immense knowledge of the body and mind connection and can really see what might be getting in the way for a person to move ahead. I really value her detailed understanding of the relationships that exist in the body and how they can
be unraveled to ultimately have a better functioning body.

She can see the whole picture of a person and is able to beautifully tie it all together which enables the person to learn in their own way, in their own language.

Thank you Amie for all of your help in my journey personally and as a teacher.”

– Nicole

“My legs almost buckled, and my body started to tremble when i hear the words Hysterectomy. This was not okay. I had just spent the year recovering from the removal of my large intestine and a bladder lift. I would not endure another surgery, i just wouldn’t. My Uterus had prolapsed and my world felt like it was crumbling. As my tears shed on my friends shoulders they asked if there was anything i could do one. Experiencing the transformation and healing effects from my on-going yoga practice I asked if anyone new a yoga therapist. My good friend from Salt Spring Centre of Yoga immediately referred me to Amy and said she was amazing. With hope and gratitude I called and instantly the world was lifted off my shoulders and I felt like there was hope. Right away Amy knew, not only how to help with this problem, but emotionally enabled me to feel like i am charge of my body and that this can be fixed. She directed my right away to a pelvic floor physiotherapist for an ultrasound to teach me how to engage very specific and deep muscles that would be pivotal to my recovery. Working with this,she showed me how to move differently, engage accurately and doing so with 15% less intensity. After a few phone calls, 1 visit and 3 weeks of dedicated practice using the tools that Amy provided me, my uterus was back in its home. I am so deeply thankful and am in awe of Amy’s ability to inform me how to heal my body. Her intuition and knowledge around the human & subtle body was amazing and I am forever grateful and empowered. Thank you Amy.”

– Tricia Hohert ,
Yoga Studio owner and Yoga teacher

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the work you have done for me through your yoga therapies. Not being much of a yoga person I must tell you that I am really pleased with the outcomes and therapeutic benefit of this style of healing.

When I met you in Mexico I was pregnant with my first baby and found the classes that we did together really beneficial in assisting me to keep fit and flexible and have a great natural delivery. I found the practice really gentle yet rewarding and I also truly appreciate your guidance and advice in finding an appropriate prenatal yoga class to attend from there on.

Post baby I met up with you again and enlisted your help with my right hip which was sore from the birth – again I found your techniques really gentle yet extremely beneficial. I appreciate the exercises and strategies to use after I had seen you too. Using a pool noodle, rolled up towels etc have really helped get my hip (and the rest of my body really) back into much less painful and more flexible shape.”

– Felicity Berriman

To give you a real understanding about what my work with Amie has done for me, it might help for you to know a little bit about me. I am a social worker and a counselor currently working as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization. I have been in the helping profession for at least 25 years. I am 52 years old and would classify myself as a “blinker.” And this is how I originally discovered Amie – through blinking. There was something about her that told me she was what I was looking for. I knew that she was a Yoga instructor, but beyond that I ‘knew’ nothing else about her, only what I blinked.

Our work together began in a time of crisis for me. I was grieving and falling into pieces. I was in a great deal of pain and I knew that I had no more words. I knew that the healing I needed was on a much deeper level than words could ever accommodate. I knew that my body needed to let go, to find an unclenching. And instinctively I knew that in order to go to this subterranean level of growth and enlightenment I would require a true spirit guide. I saw Amie on the street one day and I knew she was the one. In that “blink” way I have of making sense of the world I knew that she had the capacity and the beauty and balance to care for me on this journey. I don’t know how long it took. It was timeless.

But at some point I re-emerged into my life – utterly changed, full of gratitude, new, strengthened. Amie would say I did the work (not her) and ultimately it’s true, I had to be brave in order to travel into the light but I could not have traveled so safely, so freely without Amie’s gentle, therapeutic guidance.

All healing begins from a place of trust, knowing that the person you are working will not judge and will be able take what is expansive and create safety. Amie is unequivocally a human being who inspires this trust. From there she is able to touch down in the places where the opening and the letting go are possible.

– Maureen

“I mentioned wanting to approach a long term injury in a holistic manner: within a couple of sessions, Amie had (it seems) observed cause and effect in other parts of my body that were preventing healing from taking place in my shoulder. We have spent several sessions focusing on pelvic stability in order to release the upper body from so much tension. I was also referred to another incredible specialist physiotherapist at Amie’s suggestion (insistence ).

I love Amie’s constant mantra that “less is more”. It is refreshing to come out of an appointment feeling like good healing has occurred and at the same time feeling totally nurtured. I also really appreciate the idea in yoga therapy that working through pain is not a good thing – that there can be growth and healing where pain is avoided and relaxation is king.

– Anna Heap