What is Yoga Therapy

How It Can Help You

Tension is who you think you are, relaxation is who you are – unknown

Yoga Therapy will help you to move the way you were designed to move.

Pain and tension is your body’s way of getting your attention and letting you know that dysfunction is present.

We will help you to uncover the unconscious patterns that lead to pain and tension and design a personalized  program to help you integrate these new patterns into your life and activities.

Yoga Therapy with Yoga for Life(TM) promotes:

  • Nourishing relaxation as a means to better understand the habitual and often unconscious patterns of holding tension we live with
  • Working in a pain and tension free range of motion
  • Exploring and honoring your optimal range of motion
  • Essential breathing and its relationship to functional movement
  • ‘Less is more’.  This allows the dormant muscles to find their place in movement patterns
  • Boosting up core support in an organic way and as a result of things moving well
  • Relaxed resilience and the ability to stay vibrantly present while making the effort necessary for the task and nothing more

How It Works & what to expect

Each Yoga Therapy session includes a postural, movement and breath analysis..You can expect to feel relief;  emotionally, mentally, energetically and/or physically from each visit and you will always feel supported, relaxed and at ease.

As we move, our bodies present an ongoing symphony of breath, movement, mental activity and tendencies.  With this in mind it is important to understand and feel how they all work together and with the pieces of the body in movement.

A series of movements, modified postures, breath and lifestyle awareness are chosen to encourage patterns that are dysfunctional and result in pain and tension to be replaced with more functional patterns that result in comfort and space.

We will move through precise and therapeutic movements with attention to how each component relates to the next.  Inefficient breath and incongruent movements are identified and help to dictate where there is more potential to increase your range of motion, ease in movement and bring about an overall sense of relief.

Yoga Therapy meets each individual where they are each day.  Initially the programs reflect the need to unwind the tension through the body and progress to building endurance around new patterns of movement and being.

Yoga Therapy is for Life



Thank you Amie, for facilitating the time and space for me to quieten my body and to really listen to what it has to say. Exploring the smallest movement all of a sudden became a huge exploration of limitations and patterns. Making movement effortless is quite a change from my usual yoga practice. I found it all really beneficial and interesting. – J Ramos  Acupuncturist CTCMA

Therapeutic Yoga classes

Who’s it for and what to expect

Therapeutic Yoga is appropriate for anyone who hopes to gain more awareness around functional movement patterns.  It is the perfect introduction to yoga for anyone recovering from injury or those limited by pain or tension.
By keeping the class sizes small you will have the benefit of individualized attention and a  practice that is appropriate for how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally on that day.

Therapeutic Yoga uses traditional principles of Yoga along with a modern understanding of anatomy, physiology and bio mechanics to relieve stress and promote recovery of injury and illness.

My goal is not to get you into any specific pose, rather it is to use the Yoga Asana, breath awareness and movement as a playground for functional movement in your body.

You will leave feeling relieved, relaxed and with tools that easily integrate into your every day life.
The time of day, the season, whether you are unwell, stressed, depressed or anxious all need to be taken into consideration.  All variables need to be considered when choosing the right techniques and stimulus to bring about a positive change for the individual.